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Building Specification writing service and Measured Surveys

Building Specifications

John Walton offers a specification writing service to architects, surveyors and self-build clients which can be produced in standard or NBS (National Building Specification) format.

When a building project is carried out using any form of building contract it normally requires a detailed specification laid out in a certain way to follow the form of contract. Using NBS (National Building Specification) software we can produce specifications for the Minor and Intermediate Form of Contract. This is a particularly skilful operation as it requires a high level of understanding of the construction process and the way in which buildings are formed.

Our specification writing service takes care of preparation of contract preliminaries, schedules of work and full NBS Specifications from Minor Works to Intermediate scale development contracts.

Why use our specification writing service?

Our experienced specification writers can significantly reduce the overall time taken to prepare specifications. This is even after allowing for the time required for briefing from other members of the team. The end result will be a much more satisfactory preparation of building specifications.

Architects are under greater pressure than ever to prepare high quality contract documentation in less-and-less time. CAD has aided them in the drawing process but many architects may not have the time or resources to write specifications. This is where our specification writing service can greatly aid you.

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John Walton is a Gloucestershire based consultant. His services are available to clients throughout the UK.

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