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Building Specification writing service and Measured Surveys

Measured Surveys

Construction projects regularly require as a starting point accurate drawings of the existing building. These preferably need to be in an electronic form as a CAD drawing. This applies to buildings of even the most simple nature where alterations are proposed. This is because without a drawing of the building as it stands it is impossible to produce proposals to alter it.

John Walton can carry out accurate measured surveys of any existing building to almost any level of sophistication and then produce CAD drawings of the results, which then can be used for any purpose.

Our accurate finished drawings enable architects and designers to begin work on alterations, modernisations and extensions of existing buildings. Our measured surveys provide architects and designers with confidence they are working with dimensionally accurate and precise drawings.

Tailoring measured surveys

Floor plans can show varying levels of detail. This can range from simply showing walls, columns, doors and windows from the survey to a complete detailed data set including all 3D information.

As part of our measured surveys we can also highlight such information as:

  • electrical and data points
  • sanitary fittings
  • incoming mains positions
  • fire fighting and detection equipment
  • security equipment and signage

Enquiries or appointments

John Walton is a Gloucestershire based consultant. His services are available to clients throughout the UK.

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Specialist Construction Services